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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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^ Aloof Bruce Wayne - perfectly shown in the traffic 'accident'.
Notice how Gordon doesn't even think to give him a ticket for it.

He's Bruce freakin' Wayne, his family is the biggest real estate developers in the city. It's what Kate Holmes reminded him in "Begins", that his family name had to be upheld in Gotham because it means something too the city.
That and, well, he may well have saved a man's life.

I like the aloof/rich playboy idiot Bruce Wayne in the movies so far. It's the "character" he's playing as part of his "disguise." He's also a "young" Bruce Wayne. It's possible that if the scope of the movies would/ever does reach Wayne until he's a much older and more established business man he'd be more of the tamed billionare he's supposed to be.

But right now? He's the rich, handsome, billionare bachelor. He's allowed to be aloof and self-centered.
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