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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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^^ For a guy without a plan he had a lot of plans and redunancy plans^^

So does show him to be a genuis - but is he really an anarchist then - an agent of chaos? rather organised thought out chaos if so. Dunno but on reviewings this bugs me for some reason. But still actually love it.
I think it's deliberate. The Joker is a liar. He's manipulating Harvey with the "no plans" speech, just as he's manipulating Batman with the "no rules" speech. He basically just says whatever he needs to in order to fuck with someone. His elaborate plans are also good evidence that he's not actually insane.

Scrooge4747 said:
I mean, how did he manage to smuggle barrel fulls of explosives onto two city ferrys?! And where and how did he buy all of these explosives? Certainly buying all that stuff would've perked up someone's ears considering a person can't buy a slightly more than reasonable amount of fertilizer without getting the FBI or DHS knocking on their door and The Joker buys barrels and barrels of explosives?!
Joker both says, and it is shown, that it is not barrels of explosives, but barrels of gasoline wired to a detenator that probably does little more than start a spark. Conceivably he could simply steal a tanker truck and have enough gas for his various schemes.

The utter lack of security anywhere in Gotham could be a nit, unless you assume that he simply paid everyone off to get access wherever he wanted it. The movie does begin with him stealing $68 million after all.
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