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Re: Which writers/directors would you have picked for ALIEN(S) sequels

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Which writers/directors would YOU have assembled to make ALIEN III?
First, let me say that Alien3 is my favorite film in the series. It is a masterpiece of mood. It is, without question, the most unremittingly nihilistic film Hollywood has ever produced.

However, I don't think anyone could have planned Alien3. You couldn't make that film happen; it's a happy accident, and you'd never have achieved that deliberately.

That said, if I were in charge...

I've read the scripts leading up to Alien3. William Gibson's is interesting, and I imagine it in the hands of Paul Verhoeven.

Vincent Ward's script. Based on What Dreams May Come, I think he could have pulled it off.

Take those off the table...

Fox had two options -- the Xenomorphs attack Earth, or Earth finds the Xenomorph homeworld. The first was the subject of Mark Verheiden's trilogy of graphic novels for Dark Horse; I don't know if that could be compressed down to a two-hour film, but there are some moments, especially in the first and second parts, that would translate very well to film. I don't know about finding the Xenomorph homeworld; I think that could actually become too Star Trek-like, as the question of how and why the Xenomorphs evolved as they did drives the plot. (On their homeworld, they have natural predators, so their lifecycle makes sense. Absent the predators (not the Predators), they're far more dangerous than they should be because there's nothing to keep them in check.)

As for Resurrection, I'd say fire Joss Whedon for that stupid piece of crap, but the film is his rough draft for Firefly, so some good came of that unnecessary film.

And for directors, I'd love to see Peter Jackson or Guillermo del Toro tackle an Alien film.
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