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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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I actually liked that. It gives the sense that the Joker is not just a weirdo in facepaint, he's a genius weirdo in facepaint, with a mind both brilliant and twisted.
Yeah, but come on. He finds TWO empty warehouses (granted, probably not all that hard) and FILLS them with TONS of explosives and he also fills TWO ferrys with TONS of explosives?

I mean, how did he manage to smuggle barrel fulls of explosives onto two city ferrys?! And where and how did he buy all of these explosives? Certainly buying all that stuff would've perked up someone's ears considering a person can't buy a slightly more than reasonable amount of fertilizer without getting the FBI or DHS knocking on their door and The Joker buys barrels and barrels of explosives?!

It's also interesting no one in the gun-salute team noticed the "new guys" or the guy with the horrible facial scars.

And the narc who was going on the news station to reveal a big secret. How did that conversation go?

"I have a big secret to tell you guys."
"What is it?"
"I won't say until I'm on the air."
"... Sounds good! Get this guy to makeup!"

And, I don't know, maybe I'm just an asshole, but...

"So, this guy is going to blow us up unless we decide to blow up the boat full of criminals first? Hmmm, gee what SHOULD we do?!"

The city's anger towards Batman not turning himself in also seemed like mis-placed rage. What if The Joker's demands were that all of the police pull out their guns and shoot themselves in the head? (Thus eliminating the entire police force.) Would people then demand police do that to prevent more terror?
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