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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

Scrooge4747 wrote: View Post
The only thing I hate is Bale's Batman voice. It's just way too damn intense and it doesn't need to be.
Yeah, and the Italian dub is just as bad. I just wanted to give the man a spoonful of cough syrup.

[the Batpod] and the part when Bats turns it around on the wall is dumb-looking.
Yet, at my theater people actually cheered out loud at that scene. So I believe it works.

Also, I will never understand why, in a film which foreshadows things like people emulating Batman, the Joker targeting families and the morally ambiguous nature of spying through technology, the end of the film focusses on James Gordon Jr when Babs (albeit unnamed) is right there. WTF? Nobody's given a toss about James Jr since Crisis, and Barbara's right there.
Yeah, it felt almost like a running gag: "When are they going to give hints of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl? Oh, they won't."

HRHTheKING wrote: View Post
I felt that "Two-Face" was tacked onto the movie.

Harvey's story should have ended after being scarred, and his full Two-Face persona developed in a third movie.
Agreed. Worst mistake of the movie, in my opinion.

T'Baio wrote: View Post
I forgot about Joker's omnipotence.

Guy is fucking God the way he gets shit done.
I actually liked that. It gives the sense that the Joker is not just a weirdo in facepaint, he's a genius weirdo in facepaint, with a mind both brilliant and twisted.
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