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I got about $100 for playing a strip club patron and all I did was sit around.
And watch the actresses being strippers.

You got PAID to watch strippers.

You bastard.
That was shot at a real strip club off of Olympic or Pico or something. They used real strippers but they were clothed (barely). The 2nd assistant director (in charge of extras) actually had to warn some of the guys not to talk to the strippers or ask them questions like "When's your next shift?" I actually got to sit at the main stage and fling fake money to one girl in six-inch heels!
My kind of hard work.

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I'm told I should be proud of being in Phoo Action since it bizarrely won a Scottish BAFTA for best drama. I was initially hired in to do some fight scenes as, and this is the 2nd AD's words; they needed 'fat guys who can fight'.
My kind of entertainment.
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