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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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Lapis Exilis wrote:
Why does Bruce go to the apartment he identifed from the fingerprint as himself? He didn't know the guys inside would all be conveniently blindfolded.
For the same reason you mentioned - Batman would be ridiculous in broad daylight. Remember, even without the suit, he's still a ninja - if he wanted to go unseen as "Bruce Wayne," he could have, blindfolded cops or not.
And I believe a ninja would have more options besides Big Scary Suit and Walking into a Room as Himself. My question wasn't - why didn't he go as Batman, it was why did he not disguise himself in some other way? Had the room been occupied with non-blindfolded people (which, really, was the most likely situation), they would have said, "Hey, Bruce Wayne! Why are you breaking into my apartment?"
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