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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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-- I just didn't buy Harvey Dent's turn to the dark side. BTAS came up with a much better justification by showing that he already had a multiple-personality disorder to begin with, and all it took was a little push for Two-Face to take over.

But no matter how tragic Rachel's death was, I just couldn't see the noble and righteous Harvey of this movie becoming the cold, vengeful killer we see so quickly-- even to the point of threatening to kill a little kid at the end! I mean, come on now.
So much word. Fridging Rachel was a ridiculously lazy way to turn Dent and made very little sense based on what we'd seen of Dent to that point.

As you say, even BTAS managed better than that. Or hell, they could have done something along the lines of the backstory from The Long Halloween.

I like TDK, but I didn't think it was sensational. I thought the pacing was a bit rough at times - a few too many crescendos with no pause to get ones breath.

Also, I will never understand why, in a film which foreshadows things like people emulating Batman, the Joker targeting families and the morally ambiguous nature of spying through technology, the end of the film focusses on James Gordon Jr when Babs (albeit unnamed) is right there. WTF? Nobody's given a toss about James Jr since Crisis, and Barbara's right there.
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