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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

The only thing I hate is Bale's Batman voice. It's just way too damn intense and it doesn't need to be. Sure he probably needs to "disguise" his voice so he's not identified but I'm sure there's a middle ground between his natural voice and sounding like a constipated Clint Eastwood with a severe cold.

And there's just times it's not called for. When he's trying to intimidate Joker or the mob boss he drops off the fire-escape, sure maybe some intensity is called for. When he's just talking to Gordon and Dent on the roof or in a crime scene? Maybe not so much for the intensity there, Bats.

And the final line (one of) to Joker with the "These people just showed you..." bit is just to intense a bit gentler with his vocie would've gotten his point across just as well if not better. Yeah. That's my biggest problem.

I'm still not a big fan of The Tumbler but at least it wasn't featured a whole lot in this movie and, a plus, it was destroyed so maybe we'll get a more Batmobile-like Batmobile in the next one and, yeah, the Batpod was kind of OK but dumb in how it was intergrated into a vechile designed to build bridges and the part when Bats turns it around on the wall is dumb-looking.

, but from Batman and Rachel surviving that ridiculous fall
You'll recall fromt he first movie that the cape has properties in it that allows it to stiffen to serve as a glider. It's "possible" it's rigid/billowy enough it acted as a bit of a drag-chute for their fall or maybe even Bats "activated" it's rigidity at some point or just in time to save their fall. There's also the movie staple (and, granted, this is a weak excuse, that if you're in something that can protect you from damage it can help you survive the impact of a fall -forgeting that it's not the fall that kills you it's the stopping. See "Iron Man" for more examples of this "logic" when Stark survives many devestating falls/crashes in his suit but somehow survives.)
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