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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

I wasn't a fan of the Tumbler, but I loved the Bat-pod. Unlike all those generic "batcycles" we've seen in toy stores over the years, this was actually a cool, badass design they came up with.

Otherwise, my main complaints are:

-- I just didn't buy Harvey Dent's turn to the dark side. BTAS came up with a much better justification by showing that he already had a multiple-personality disorder to begin with, and all it took was a little push for Two-Face to take over.

But no matter how tragic Rachel's death was, I just couldn't see the noble and righteous Harvey of this movie becoming the cold, vengeful killer we see so quickly-- even to the point of threatening to kill a little kid at the end! I mean, come on now.

-- Way too many forced and contrived situations for my taste. For instance I didn't buy that a city like Gotham-- which is supposed to be the crime capital of the world-- would be in a complete state of panic because of a few assassinations and the destruction of an empty hospital. Or that there would be a rush of people hunting down that dweeby lawyer guy. And the whole ferry sequence was the most contrived of all.

I like the ideas Nolan was trying to get across in the movie, but the execution just didn't convince me nearly as well as it could have.
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