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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

I like the Bat-Pod I think it's much more befitting of Batman, but I also think the Tumbler is stupid. It just doesn't fit this Batman to have such a "brute force" tank device crushing and rolling over cars. See how sleek and smooth the Lamborghini Bruce drives is in the movie, the way it weaves in and out of cars, silky smooth. That's what the Batmobile should be imo.

The other thing is once you watch the movie a few times (and I've seen it more than a few, I do love the movie dearly), it starts feeling like linked set-pieces. Upon skipping around on my iPod (digital copy that came with a DVD), i came on one scene, and thought "oop, this is the hospital set piece", moved the cursor, saw another scene, thought "ooh the tower set piece" , this becomes particularly apparent in the 2nd half, the first half moves much more smoothly through the plot,the 2nd half is more of 'lets just link a few impressive set pieces together'.

I'd say from the beginning of the film... to the "Joker hangs out the police car" scene, I was thinking "This is the greatest movie i've ever seen". By the end of the movie I was thinking "This is one of the best movies of the year, and maybe in my Top 5 movies". To me that's an indication that the 1st half was stronger than the second half.

The sonar device is also preposterous. I could buy the original one that Fox had because he said "R&D made it up", ie they made a special phone which emits that pulse, ok not really believable but possible. The idea that ALL THE EXISTING PHONES IN THE CITY could be used that way without being built that way is preposterous. How exactly is my little red sprint phone supposed to emit this radar pulse when its not built into the hardware?

it's all degrees though. The film overall was pretty awesome.
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