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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

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- The sonar? Kinda' retarded, and a major effort in giving the audience a seizure, not to mention Bruce. What's going on, anyway? An effort to hide bad action direction, perhaps?
We had the microwave emitter in "Begins" and the sonar in "Dark Knight". I'm wondering what kind of implausible machine we'll get in the third movie.

My minor dislike is reusing areas of Chicago from "Begins" We have that car park in the beginning

and the lower wacker drive where the tumbler destroyed some cop cars in "Begins" and in "The dark knight" pummeled a garbage truck.

I wouldn't be surprised if the third film uses these locations again. Still its only a minor gripe

What I don't understand is how Batman knew where to find Dent at the end. He was completely focused on tracking Joker with the sonar and getting Lucius to help.

"Meet at the place where my family died" Gordon shouldn't have even figured that out.
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