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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

Well, I love the Tumbler - and it's actually tiny. It's an armored sports car, not a tank. But I absolutely agree about the blowing up of parked cars - totally stupid and destructive and only in the movie to satisfy some 'splosions quota. And while I appreciate Nolan's desire to CGI as little as possible there are times that it causes bad cuts - such as when the Tumbler wrecks and blows through a wall into an alley, spinning on its front bumper. It is clearly about to fall on its roof, but then there's a cut and it lands on its wheels, against all laws of physics.

Let's see, other nits...

Bruce Wayne putting on a white shirt over an unbandaged, recently stitched wound in his arm in order to go to a business meeting. Not bright.

The general underwritten nature of Rachel Dawes - her motivations are murky at best throughout most of the film, and the quality of her as a tough DA was pretty much lost.

I'm still not clear on why Gordon faked his death other than to provide a nifty reveal at the Joker's capture.

Why does Bruce go to the apartment he identifed from the fingerprint as himself? He didn't know the guys inside would all be conveniently blindfolded.

Batman should not have been shot in full light except for the interrogation scene. The scene in the bank vault and on the roof with Gordon and Dent come across as somewhat awkward because he's in too much light.
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