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Re: What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

I'll play.

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- I still hate the Tumbler, and the Bat-Pod might even be worse. Really dumb.
Agreed. Sounds cool on paper, or in its original Dark Knight Return inception (almost post-apocalyptic Gotham City), but in an urban environment, it's just too fucking big.

- Batman is super destructive. [...] Who's gonna' pay for all those cars he destroyed?
Wayne Insurance, Inc. obviously. They are cheap and very reliable.

- The sonar? [...] What's going on, anyway? An effort to hide bad action direction, perhaps?
Or the fact that the actor doing the stunt just can't fight credibly with the bat-armor on. I agree that he need something more than just spandex, and it's better than the Burton's full-body armor, but it's still too cumbersome. He's a fucking ninja, for heaven's sake. Let him move like one!

I have a small complaint about story-telling, too: the movie is too long, and the Two-Faces storyline is too cramped toward the end of the movie. Given all the material they had, they could have gone the Matrix route (or the LOTR one, for a more successful comparison) and shot two movies one after the other.
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