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What do you dislike about The Dark Knight?

Don't get me wrong. I love the film. I think it's brilliant and is one of my favourite comic films. But when a film is this good, sometimes it's fun to talk about what you don't like.

- I still hate the Tumbler, and the Bat-Pod might even be worse. Really dumb.
- Batman is super destructive. At the end, they're talking about making Gotham hate him, but I hate to break it to you, they probably already would. The way he smashes through walls with the Tumbler in a parking garage, running over cars, to blowing them out his way as he races down the street in the Bat-Pod, he's completely reckless. He endangers innocent lives wherever he goes. Gotham taxes would be through the roof correcting his damage. Who's gonna' pay for all those cars he destroyed?
- The party scene. It's a fun scene, and Heath Ledger is great in it, but from Batman and Rachel surviving that ridiculous fall, to Bruce wondrously knowing to suddenly protect Dent, to the Joker apparently just leaving after Batman saves Rachel? A lot of little things not really well thought out.
- The sonar? Kinda' retarded, and a major effort in giving the audience a seizure, not to mention Bruce. What's going on, anyway? An effort to hide bad action direction, perhaps?

What do you think? Great film, but some minor nit picks.

And don't worry...I'll do Iron Man next.
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