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Re: Star Trek Gatekeeper

Problem solved! We wrote this on our Facebook group "Gatekeeper" today:

* Is Gatekeeper a fan production?

Yes AND no! We prefer to use the new term MTC (Multi Talent Cooperation). The reason for this is partly that the latest fan productions has reached far beyond the borders of what is and what isn’t fan produced. We engage professional actors and artists in addition to our semi-professionals and talented amateurs, and even companies well outside our Sci-Fi communities.

It IS however a fan production in that the setting is already established, with copyrights owned by others - in this case Paramount Pictures and LucasFilm. Which means the project is not to earn any money - directly or indirectly. And it is a fan production in that the initiative is based in the fan community.

This does not - how ever - have to be the case, and so we felt a need to add another term to better describe the project. It has also been a must in connection to fishing for sponsors and partners, as most people outside our community have little knowledge of the level to which the larger fan productions have been raised.

“Multi Talent” is a term not concerned with whether the actor/artist is professional or not, but only that of their level of expertise. “Cooperation” can very easily be interpreted as an alternative to employment/payment, as that would be working for - and not cooperating with! We therefore feel the expression MTC perfectly describes the type of fan production James Cawley has been presenting lately, and that the 4Fathers have engaged in with the movie Gatekeeper.

Feel free to use the term as you see fit - but under the conditioned mentioned above: A production made by professionals and semi-professionals in cooperation with talented amateurs.
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