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I've done it a couple of times but only once in the past few years.

I'm told I should be proud of being in Phoo Action since it bizarrely won a Scottish BAFTA for best drama. I was initially hired in to do some fight scenes as, and this is the 2nd AD's words; they needed 'fat guys who can fight'.

Odd thing was we had a big stunt director who was filled with great ideas for the main fight sequence and we had to teach him basic wrestling reversals.

And this was the result;

And watching that back, I noticed I'm in it twice as I got an extra day as a photographer... and they called me back to be an evil overlord type. 12 hours minimum per day away from my daughter though, so I never did it again.

There was also a very nice documentary where I gave a very passionate interview but the bastard funding fell though and my genius was lost forever
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