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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Oh God, don't ask me to revisit The Atlantis Invaders script again. Oh wait, that'll never happen...if they thought Tressaurian was tough to pull off, Atlantis would kill 'em! Albeit, there are some bits in that script I would have loved to have seen filmed...especially the phaser fight with Cutty and the "invaders", and the coffee scenes.
Personally, I'd love to see that come to fruition. What I heard of that particular plot always appealed to me.
Well, it WAS written, as originally the shipboard scenes were supposed to be filmed concurrent with "Tressaurian". I was going to do another draft of the planetary scenes afterwards, notably to address some plotting problems I never felt I'd quite nailed. The script I did was radically different than the original draft that had been posted on the Exeter website, as I streamlined the cast of characters and tightened the plot down a lot. I was proud of a few key scenes in particular: notably a phaser battle action scene that would've showed what a crack shot Cutty was (no misses), a romantic scene played mostly as montage which would have shown how two characters connected in a really un-obvious way, and a really nice dialogue scene where two former friends talk around a subject, but it's clear what the subject is.

My favorite "bit" was taking a throwaway line about how you set a phaser to overload and turning that into a running bit of business which paid off twice in the plot, and illustrated that the romantic interest was as smart as the hero...if not smarter.

I actually have about 30 pages of another "spec" Exeter script I started, but I like the story so much I might un-Trek it and make it something else.
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