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Re: Terminator: Identity Crisis

Charles Fischer slid his pass card against the card reader and watched their new guest through the windows. The privacy glass most assumed was two way and prevented people from looking in when it was online, that was far from the case. The privacy was meant for the people in the corridor or, in this case, the onlookers who formed a disturbing peanut gallery. A group of endoskeletons of the Trip Eight Series as the Resistance called them stood in formation watching through the window. Their permanent expression a creepy smile that could send chills down the sternest of spines. Fischer though had learned to live with the machine and trusted it more than he had ever trusted anyone from his own kind.

Their human teacher regarded the crowd as they turned toward him. They were impressive in their homogeneous manner of doing things. At the same time they all pivoted toward him and then stopped straight ahead like the phalanx of the ancient ages. These were basic units that had not yet been fully programmed – it was his job to prepare them for their upcoming interrogation duties. While most humans would be disgusted by this dirty job, Fischer relished it. Years ago when he was little more than a child he was committed to prison for a crime that he didn’t commit because the government felt he was a terrorist. For Charles this was his revenge. A life in service of the machines and when they killed the last of the old guard he would have won his vengeance.

“This is called the carrot method,” said the Doctor as he pointed through the windows. “You provide the subject with answers and you’re as kind as you can be. It’s more helpful at times and can get you better information as the human starts to trust you. Though it isn’t my recommendation when you’re in your current form,” he was speaking in reference of their endoskeleton form.

One of the skeletons spoke in a purely digitize voice, “What would you recommend for our current appearances?”

“Soon enough,” said the man noticing that Wise was becoming his own best friend. He had an idea. Fischer smiled as broadly as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, “For that my dear friend I have something even better in mind. But first let us go exploring with their team medic: Lauren Fields based on the information Mister Wise provided us. Skynet, have an infiltrator available at Cell 1138 – Feminine Programming.” He started down the hallway.

“Unit available,” a disembodied voice spoke through the speakers, “deployment to Cell 1138 in progress.”

The machines made a hole to allow Fischer to travel through and then, again in perfect movement, followed behind like a mobile brick wall to learn more about the human condition – and how to exploit it to their advantage.
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