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Re: Why is the Adam West's Batman TV series not on DVD?

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And who cares about paying fees for musicians, many of whom who are mostly likely dead?!
Er, the musicians and their estates?

I mean, it's a nuisance, but you can't just ignore the legalities because they're inconvenient. People are entitled to their share of the profits.
Legal does not necessarily mean objectively right and too much greed can cause so much damage, the endless courtroom bickering buries common sense with so much shit, nobody gets a fair slice of the pie, and this case is no exception. And it is not just the usual suspects, the overweening record companies, holding things up but the show itself is being squabbled over by two or three seperate corporations (the company who made the actual show are different to the company that owns the character of Batman and the comic books etc).

Different parties are trying to cheat each other, but an impatient consumer base will ultimately cheat them all by downloading the fought over show themselves.
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