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Re: Arc of the Wolf: True Bearings - Artwork

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I just read through this. Lobster Wars is my next chapter. A few comments.
Oh, I can't wait to see what you think of that one.

"She sings!"
had me all choked up. The whole story of Cory's return home was amazing. Rachel's fall was well done-as someone who's had to deal with that type of situation, I thought you got the "feeling" of the situation dead on. Your explanation of Scotty's work on the Enterprise, particularly the short bit about him going EVA, was dynamite imagery. Usually, when I read anything, I read very fast-superfluous words are ignored and assumed as I gather the 'meat' of the story. It's actually useful when reading some of the less-polished work on this sight. Cuts down on the pain in my grammarian soul. That having been said-I read every word, every sentence you write. It's just such beautiful prose that I don't want to risk missing a key word or nuance. IMO, you could easily support yourself as a fiction writer if you gave it the kind of passion and effort these tales reflect. I'd buy anything you published, guaranteed.
I'm honored. Seriously, I am. My very favorite author is Norman Maclean, who approached writing as his father taught him: "It's good, now cut out a third of the words." If I ever get to be as half as good as he is, then I'll be happy.

Funny enough, I've never felt the urge to write original fiction; fanfic allows me to indulge in several passions (history, psychology, writing and in this case, Star Trek). I think I get my best compensation from it just... putting it out there and hoping people enjoy it, and maybe even take something away from it. In my day-job of sorts, I'm a stringer for the local paper, where I'm paid by piece to write little human-interest stories. By night, I just read or write fanfic, when I'm not doing household chores.

Again, thank you very much for the kind words. I'm touched, and humbled by them.
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