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Re: German expressions in recent Trek novels

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Or, you could take the Forged in Fire approach: "Koloth saw that the enemy ship was 17,000 kellicams away, or, as the Earthers would say, 32,743 kilometers."
Please don't, that was one of the weaker parts of Forged in Fire.

I even mentioned it in my review:

The characterizations are good for the most part, the only thing really bothering me was that the authors used phrases like “what the earthers called ...” when writing from a Klingon's point of view too often. I understand that this was used to translate Klingon terms, but the way and sheer number of times it was used - for example, in chapter seven - really hurts the characterization, because the reader could be led to believe that Koloth is overly fascinated with Earth, as every second thought he has is about what the humans call something.
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