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Re: German expressions in recent Trek novels

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What's wrong with it is that a roentgen is a real thing that I can look up. Not even Memory Alpha is sure what a kellicam actually is.
We don't know what size it is, but we can assume from context that it's a Klingon unit of measurement. It stands to reason that Klingon sensors would be calibrated to give distances in those units and that Klingon officers would therefore report a ship's distance in those units even when speaking English. The point is, it's not just a different word for the same thing; it's a different thing, a unit of different size. So using that term isn't arbitrary.
No, but it is fairly arbitrary that the narrative would translate Klingonese and Klingonese idoms into English and English idioms the vast majority of time, but not in spacial measurements or in insults or wishes of success.
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