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I lived in LA for a while (fall '05 to spring '07) and I'm currently planning to move back sometime next year (long story). While living in LA, I worked as an extra for about a month in between temp jobs at MGM. Among other things, I worked on:

-Scrubs (one episode, I saw my back for one second)
-ER (one episode, didn't see it)
-Tell Me You Love Me (one episode, I saw myself for a moment in a club scene)
-Entourage ("Return of the King", I'm sitting two rows behind Jeremy Piven in temple - blue shirt, black tie, top of frame)

-In Case of Emergency (one episode, didn't see it... I played a strip club patron!)
-Grey's Anatomy (one episode, as an orderly, my head was cut off above the frame!)
-Gilmore Girls (one episode set in Paris - actually the Universal backlot)
-Help Me Help You (two episodes, my parents wish they had the second one on the DVR because you could see me perfectly, it was another temple scene)
-The Unit (one episode)
-Shark (one episode, ironically as a production assistant which I also did briefly)
-How I Met Your Mother (two episodes playing a co-worker at the architectural firm)
-Sleeper Cell (one episode, they were gonna shave my head to play a serviceman but they didn't have a uniform in my size)
-Studio 60 (two episodes plus a third one that recycled some audience footage from the first one)
-Hallmark TV movie Love is a Four Letter Word (as a wedding guest and I get some good face time)
-the pilot for Demons which unfortunately was not picked up (I played a student in the front row! Of course it wasn't picked up.)

For the most part, I had a blast! It pays minimum wage (for 8 hours minimum) but you do get bumps now and then. I got about $100 for playing a strip club patron and all I did was sit around. Very often you get free food (sometimes it's a boxed lunch, other times it's a steak grilled to order), and you meet so many interesting people. But there is a lot of waiting and sitting around doing nothing. I worked my way through the Mission Gamma books from the DS9 relaunch through most of this period.

On Entourage, I met a lovely girl named Beeta. She's Persian and not Jewish (she just looks the part whereas I am Jewish). She's since moved back to Texas but we did hang out for a while. She said she wasn't interested in me "like that" (and she's saving herself for marriage - I met her in LA!) but I think there's a part of her that is interested. Hell, she's a big nerd who actually owns the Star Wars Holiday Special on a bootleg tape and she's a big Ghostbusters/Back to the Future fan too! (We'll see...)

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