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Re: Andrew Probert's ST:TMP Dry Dock to be Orbited by 2020!

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Regarding your original triangular-truss dry dock concept (the miniature of which you surmised would have collapsed under its own weight on the mo-con stage), is this the speculative real-world fabrication mechanism you had in mind when designing it?

How ironic that now, when CGI technology can render delicate, filigreed microgravity structures just as easily as it can a lead pipe, we get overbuilt docks that look far more like something to be found in a Tulsa car wrecking yard than LEO/MEO.


What are you thinking, TGT?! Are you honestly expecting us to believe anyone was seriously considering manufacturing things in orbit? Space is dangerous and construction workers might get hurt!

They should build those fantastically long girder structures on the ground where it's safe and lllllllaunch 'em into orbit! It'd be cooler that way too!

[wipes spittle from mouth and sits down]
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