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Re: The Dark Reign Begins... SPOILERS!

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Incidentally, Wolverine was pulled from all the X-Men books except Astonishing 2 or 3 years ago, then was in Astonishing X-Men, New Avengers and his solo title(s). That's a much different kettle of fish than when he was on literally every X-team and in every X-book.
Wolverine is currently featured in: Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, New Avengers, Wolverine, Wolverine: Origins, Wolverine: First Class, and starting in April he's getting a FOURTH ongoing monthly: Wolverine: Weapon X. Oh and there is the currently running Wolverine: Manifest Destiny miniseries.

So eight titles. Plus any random guest appearances. He wasn't even that overexposed in the height of the 90's speculator boom.

Plus every X-Men movie has actually been a Wolverine movie guest starring the X-Men.
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