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Re: The Dark Reign Begins... SPOILERS!

I personally have liked the direction that the Marvel Universe in general has been going towards over the last four or five years. With a few minor things that have bothered me, like Osborn having getting Gwen Stacey pregnant, Joe Q fucking up Spider-Man's (I must admit that I haven't really been following Brand New Day but I plan to pick up the first couple of trades when they reach my library) marriage, Tony Stark's rise and fall, the Skrull infiltration and invasion, the Civil War, and rise of Norman Osborn to Lex Luthor levels have been really interesting to me. Secret Invasion has been way better and held my interest way more than Final Crisis...and also on the Ultimate Universe, it seems they are getting ready to shake it up again after Ultimatium is over. I had no idea Ultimate X-Men was ending with #100...I knew they were planning to can a couple of books and introducing new ones.
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