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Re: Andrew Probert's ST:TMP Dry Dock to be Orbited by 2020!

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I drew it,... they built it.
Ah! I would love to see an illustration or photograph of the dry dock's intended upper surface on if and when you find the time. May I ask if you recall whether Magicam also built miniatures of the additional "clip-on" habitat modules featured in this sketch?

The people at 'Magicam' decided how it would be best supportable, considering how fragile the components were in the real (film) world of a one-g environment.
Regarding your original triangular-truss dry dock concept (the miniature of which you surmised would have collapsed under its own weight on the mo-con stage), is this the speculative real-world fabrication mechanism you had in mind when designing it?

How ironic that now, when CGI technology can render delicate, filigreed microgravity structures just as easily as it can a lead pipe, we get overbuilt docks that look far more like something to be found in a Tulsa car wrecking yard than LEO/MEO.

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