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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Thank you to everybody who's read and commented!

I did want to take on this one specifically...

CeJay wrote: View Post
Yeah, one of the most fascinating aspects of this story remains the fact that we see everything from a uniquely Cardassian perspective. Which of course is a lot of fun. Even though I'm still not sure how these guys compare to the seemingly much more mean-spirited Cardassians we used to see in DS9. I guess at the end of the day you got moderates and fundamentals everywhere.
Exactly...that's one of the things I want people to carry away from this--that in the end, unless you're dealing with the Borg, there's only so much conformity you're going to get even in the strictest societies. That's true under regimes like Iran, China, and so on (I do not use North Korea as an example since we know Cardassia is more open to outside contact than that--making that example too extreme).

I don't deny the existence of those mean-spirited Cardassians at all, and though you do have a real conglomeration of those who aren't that way...I've tried to make some allusions to the dissonance between them and others.

That's part of why my guls don't always get along well with others. Lemme put it this way...there are MANY reasons, on many levels, why Gul Ocett doesn't play nicely with Rebek or Berat. There's also the late Gul Vuraal--I won't spoil exactly what he did yet, but let's just say Glinn Daro's former CO was NOT a nice guy. (Oh...and if you read Betrayal [DS9 novel #6], you'll get to see what Berat's former CO was like. EEEEK! Let's just say Berat has some very personal reasons not to run HIS ship that way!)

As for Gul Speros...I shall be interested to see what you make of his character as you start getting to know him more.

I liked the idea of the failed Cardassian weapons system. Looks like nobody is spared from bad administrative decisions.
Yep...bureaucracies breed such things. I think it's got to be a universal constant. I have also noticed that repressive bureaucracies take even longer to rectify those mistakes than the democratic ones--so the idea of it taking MONTHS for them to de-fund and discontinue the hunter array program made sense to me.
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