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Re: Do you have a "hot" experience to tell?

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I strip down naked, come in the bottom of the bed under the sheets in between them and start trying to get it going.
Generally you have more luck if you leave that till later...
Probably my biggest mistake was going in there too soon and not letting them pass out.
No, Captain Intrepid is right. It was the sneaking in naked part that was the problem.

Not to be too much of a buzzkill, but two girls sleeping in a bed that is not regularly their own means they feel safe there. A naked guy is generally not a safe thing. You needed to create "safe sex", if you know what I mean.

Plus, taking off your partner's clothes is plain sexy. You should have started off mostly clothed and from the side, of course first removing rough parts like shoes and your belt.

You probably still wouldn't have had your three way, but at least you would have slept with two girls in their underwear, and that wouldn't have been half bad.
I love you.
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