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Re: Do you have a "hot" experience to tell?

Without getting into too much detail my hottest sexual encounter was a same-sex one.

We were at a party at a dorm. I knew he was gay, he knew I was bi. I was in a door threshold observing some girls doing coke, he came up behind me and pinched my butt. I reached around and grabbed his groin. We then adjourned to the corridor so he could "show me the campus" where we immediately started making out and feeling each other up. We figured the well-lit corridor was too public a place for that kind of exposure so we went to a dimly-lit stairwell where it got even heavier and wouldn't you know, someone walked through the door leading to the stairwell...

Anyway, we went to the men's room on that floor, locked the door and proceeded to get down and dirty. We didn't have sex - everything but.

If I weren't married today or seeing anyone, I'd surely pursue a gay relationship.

and yes, I consider that "not too much detail"
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