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Re: The Dark Reign Begins... SPOILERS!

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They took the singlemost example of Marvel moral integrity and heroic virtue and turned him into a gun weilding thug (just like Ulti Cap).
That's totally wrong. New Cap is nothing like Ultimate Cap (who certainly is a thug, though I don't think he has a gun); he's depicted as thoughtful and determined to play by Steve's rules and moral code.
Tell that to the fanbase that saved the book FIVE times. It was the last vestige of the Marvel comics we knew and loved for 50 years. Now it's gone too, DESPITE our best efforts, it seems.

Joey "the Butcher" Q has for many years stated he disliked the book and did everything he could to kill it.

Never mind that DeFalco is a far superior writer and would make a 1 MILLION % better EIC than Joey could ever DREAM of being.
Spider-Girl was a strong cult book for a long time (Marvel's longest-running female solo title by a wide margin, I believe), but it's sales were generally very bad (though very consistent, which is a virtue in sales). It's not surprising that it eventually ended, given it usually sells under 20K; there's no currently running Marvel book (outside the "Marvel Adventures" line, which isn't targeted in the single-issue market) that sells like that.
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