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Re: Do you have a "hot" experience to tell?

Pretty hot student temped in an office where I worked, never spoke to her once.

Went to a bar/club so plastered I could only remember getting to the door and asking a mate if I could get in. Next thing I know, it's a couple of hours later and I'm chatting to said girl on a street on the way home. Next thing after that I'm in bed with her, too drunk to get it up, remembering only suggesting that we sleep and that she asked if I was gay ().

Next morning walked her home, came back, mates were sniggering, picture of me, naked strangling one of them, produced on a phone. Suddenly remembered mates breaking into the room and sitting down on the floor for a laugh, and I got up to ask them leave. Don't remember doing so naked, or being photographed doing so. Avoided student for the next couple of months.

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