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15 countries? Sounds complicated.
Yes and no! Putting an entire crew and casting together is much easier when crossing the boarders and making it an international project. However - the actual shooting demands far more planning, as nothing can go wrong. Most of our foreign actors have parts to be shot in two days only, as it's too expensive and time consuming setting up more than one weekend - especially as celebs are concerned. This is one of the reasons we've set the production time for 3 years. But so far it looks quite good!

What's interesting with this production is that we've taken the fan production tradition one tiny step further, and will be involving a large number of specialists on several areas that has no interest in Sci-Fi or movie making - but that are exceptionally good at what they do, and will take the quality of the movie even further. You may say we have perfected the building of networks a bit.

We never use the term fan production for two reasons (none of them being snobbish in any ways): This movie - as several of the ones created lately by James Cawley and the actors from Star Trek - is no longer a pure FAN made production. It's a production made by professional actors, artists and producers in co-operation with semi-profesionals and talented amateurs - in adition to quite a few outside groups. Fan-production sounds a bit "made in ones back yard", and makes it difficult to fish for partners and sponsors. Could be time to find a new term for it all together? What do you think?
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