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Re: German expressions in recent Trek novels

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Uhh, what German expressions were there in Greater Than the Sum? I don't remember including any.

But the examples you give, "blitzkrieg" and "ersatz," are both loan words that have been adopted into standard English. If I used any such German-derived loan words, I wasn't thinking of them as German.
I see. That might acutally haven been the terms in 'Greater Than The Sum' that I reffered to. I have read the book just last week in preparation for my start into the Destiny series. I admit that I would need to look up examples, as I don't have any on my mind right now (and of course my copy of the book not at hand...). I shall skim through the pages and bring some examples, or not. We'll see There are some more references in 'GoN' with the engineer of Columbia. He uses "Ja, Nein, Jawohl" and on one ocasion 'kaput', although that one is misspelled a bit (it's missing a second 't').

Anyway I remember being 'pleased' (that is somehow the right and the wrong word at the same time) when I read the german line in the writers aknowledgements of 'Star Trek Titan: Taking Wind'.

I only came back to the Star Trek fiction universe the last few weeks, when the site I write my reviews for offered my the german version of the first Star Trek Titan book as a review copy and have to catch up now big time.

It's a nice thing to have some german expressions in those books for me.

On a more personal note: As you have been here posting, Mr. Bennett, I'd like to say, that I liked most of 'GttS' and had a lot of fun reading about your very intriguing half-vulcan character. She acutally reminded my of a Star Trek RPG game years and years ago, where we had some very _very_ unique characters playing the field of the Star Trek universe. They fitted in there better than one would imagine and it was one of the most rewarding roleplaying games I have ever participated in.
It was a nice time back then, and your book made me think of that. Thank you for that, very much
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