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German expressions in recent Trek novels

I was wondering about the high numbers of german expressions found in recent Star Trek novels.

As in 'Greater Than The Sum', 'Star Trek: Destiny Gods of Night' and some 'Star Trek: Titan' books for example.

As a native german speaker I find it quite nice and interesting to see which words are being introduced into the stories (aside the more militaristic terms as 'blitzkrieg' or 'ersatz-something' that have been known to creep up in some stories every now and then), but there have been also a quotation of Bertolt Brecht at the beginning of a book, aknowledgements at the start of yet another, and some more bits and pieces (especially in 'Gods of Night') to be found recently.

Have some authors of modern Trek fiction (Andy Mangels, David Mack, Chris L. Bennett, etc...) a german speaking background or is this simply included to add some flavour to the language used (as they did back in the day with japanese terms in some BattleTech novels for example).

Anyway, I just became curious.
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