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Re: Lady in the Water - A Prediction About Barack Obama

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How many terroists did GWB associate with again?
He's pretty friendly with those Saudis.
Your about to find out its US policy, stated or otherwise, to be friendly with them. Your going to be dissapointed if you think an Obama administration gets harsh with the Royals.

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Which colleague of GWB damn's America?
And I think the administration as a whole have done/are doing a great job of damning America.
Opinion. Nothing factual. Wait till the Trillion Dollar New Deal II Bailout happens. Now that'll be some damning.

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Can we keep the sophomoric political debates to TNZ were they belong! This forum is reserved for sophomoric debates on Sci Fi and Fantasy!
Sure. I think the LITW quote is vague for a reason. In 10 years it could apply to someone else equally as "accurate".
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