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Re: The Dark Reign Begins... SPOILERS!

Eh, the main issue was middling; the premise itself has some promise, but I don't think especially under Bendis. But I can't wait to see what, say, Pak and VL do with it on Incredible Herc:

As Hera consolidates her takeover of Olympus, marking Hercules and Athena for death, she reaches out to forge an alliance with the greatest mortal power on the planet -- NORMAN OSBORN! With the forces of Heaven and Earth both arrayed against our heroes, how can they possibly survive? And what role does the ex-New Warrior AEGIS play in Hera's mad scheme?

I love this book so, so, so much.

Also, the Masters of Evil aren't a ripoff of the Legion of Doom; they predate the Legion by a decade at least.
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