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Speaking as an Illinoisian, I assumed ALL politicians, from Chicago, Illinois or Q'onos speak (and act) like this. I'd add a smiley face, but I'm completely serious.
I am also from Illinois and agree 100%. Now we have the Speaker of House drooling to get impeachment proceedings going so his daughter, who eventually wants to be governor (the Attorney General) is highly visible during all of this. The Lt. Governor (hasn't talked to Blago in a year per him....what's he been doing?) would love to become Governor so he can appoint the daughter to the Obama Senate vacancy and get her out of the way.

Don't get me started on Dictator For Life Mayor Daley II of Chicago. I say this all as a liberal Democrat!

BTW, never voted for Blago: Free Law the first time and Green last time.

Back to TNG, good ep, hated killing off Keylar (played by the impossibly hot Suzie Plakson!). Wish she'd have become a regular or at least recurring character...

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