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Re: the Wolverine trailer

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Maybe they will explain why Sabertooth is less feral than he is in X-Men...trailers aren't meant to reveal the entire story.
It is the job of fanboys everywhere to be nitpicky and bitchy about every little detail. Don't rob them of that one small pleasure!
Advocating basic logic and basic continuity is being fanboyish? The reason I raise this question is because if the filmmakers appear to be lazy in regards to minor - but obvious - things like this, then what else will they be lazy with? I agree it's too early to tell, but my doubts are raised.

Although according to Wikipedia I have nothing to fear about the Deadpool thing(which is the main reason I'll see this movie. Fuck Wolverine.), so my doubts are a little at ease.
In the original 90's X-Men cartoon there was an episode that is almost identical in premise to this movie -- Wolverine and Sabretooth go back to Weapon X, battle it out, and we get flashbacks to both of them prior Weapon X, where Sabretooth looked a lot more human and less feral. Interestingly enough Silver Fox was also featured, where she was murdered and then came back, somehow.

I have no problem suspending my belief that Sabretooth merely got more feral as time went along. This is, after all, suppose to take place twenty years before the original X-Men. While I like continuity as much as the next guy, this is a comic-book movie. We got people with claws coming out of their hands, becoming "diamond"-ized, jumping and flying around, crashing through walls. I think I can suspend my belief that Sabretooth doesn't look "exactly" like he did in the first movie.
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