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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Graves Ghastly was my homie.
Dr. Paul Bearer and his "Horrible Old Movies" on Tampa's Channel 44 was one of Tampa's great pleasures. His show was full of incredibly groan inducing puns (one of his "sponsors" was Ghost Toasties).
Showing my age badly here, but I remember "Commander USA's Groovy Movies" from the early days of the USA network... *insert "old" smilie here*

For that matter, I remember when Elvira was still hosting z-grade horror films on late-night...
Actually, what's not well known is that Elvira and Dr. Paul Bearer had an illicit fling just before he kicked the bucket. The resultant offspring goes by the name of "TEH BABA". Now you know, the rest of the story!
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