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Re: the Wolverine trailer

I'm having serious doubts about this movie. Why the Hell does Sabertooth look nothing like he did in X-Men 1 and wouldn't he remember Wolverine? Creed was pretty damn pathetic in the first movie now suddenly he's a master villain? Or are we just supposed to ignore all that?

I've had my fill of Logan in the first 3 Wolverine movies(otherwise known as The X-Men Trilogy). The character is played out at this point. Don't get me wrong, I like Jackman's take on him, as he's way more of a convincing character then that walking self-parody comics version. And I was NEVER a fan of revealing Wolverine's true origin in the comics as it totally killed the High Plains Drifter/Man with No Name thing he had going, which is what made the character cool in the first place. I'm going to see this movie for Gambit(who should have been in the first three films) and Deadpool( who better have his god damn Ninja outfit on at some point or I'll walk out). Hopefully Tits McGee(Emma Frost) is just a minor cameo and isn't given a chance to suck the fun and life out of this movie like she does every comic book she's in.

Ok, bitchfest done.
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