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Re: the Wolverine trailer

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And since when does Wolverine shrug off bullets and go through walls without some degree of massive trauma, in spite of his healing factor? Invulnerable and indestructible are two different hings altogether. But hey, I'm over 30 and know there was a such thing as the X-Men before Giant Sized X-men #1, so this flcik is obviously not for me.
To be entirely fair, this movie isn't aimed at people who have been reading Wolverine stories since his introduction. Outside of inclusions like Deadpool (who's a B-level character at best, really) and Gambit (ugh), this movie isn't for longtime comic fans so much as it is for people who have seen the last three X-Men movies and seen Wolverine plug his claws through his own chest, nearly die from a "mutant power transfer machine," raise seventeen flavors of hell in X2 and stand face-to-face with a rapidly downward-spiraling Queen Bitch of the Universe in The Last Stand.

I don't think bursting through walls really qualifies as "trouble," anymore.
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