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Re: "Fury" Kes, a Mirror Kes?

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I doubt TPTB were purposely trying to enrage fans by ruining Kes.
We're lucky they even acknowledged the Kes fans at all. They're trying to run a tv program and can't cater to a vocal minority of the viewing audience. They probably thought it was a reasonable compromise that gave some closure to the character at the end of the episode. Obviously, they were not going to bring her back as a main character since Seven joined. And I don't think Jennifer Lien would've agreed to the episode if she thought its sole purpose was to intentionally ruin the character and piss off fans.
I can understand that many fans find it hard to think that they did p*** off the fans of the character on pupose.

But did they really believe that the fans of the character would like that episode?

And why suddenly bring back a character who they have tried everything to make the fans forget?

As I see it, they had two options: They could have brought her back for some episodes at the end of the series, restored her to normal and let her arrive to Earth with the rest of the crew or they could simply have left it as it was, not bringing her back at all (which would have been a much better solution).

Instead they went for the worst possible solution and they didn't even care to correct that when the negative response from the fans started to show up after the episode was aired.

And that really makes me wonder.

I guess that the refusal from many Kes fans to accept the whole thing can be seen as somewhat stubborn, provocative and even narrow-minded by those who don't like the character, don't care about her or only have a casual interest in the character as one of the Voyager characters.

I also guess that my rantings about how the character was mistreated can annoy certain posters as well. In that case I must apologize because it's not my intention to create conflicts over the character. However, I won't deny the fact that I still find the whole issue highly annoying and even insulting.

But when it comes to fandom and wishes to correct things, I recently read an article about the fans of a now defunct NHL ice-hockey team called Hartford Whalers. A hardcore group of fans in Hartford still consider the Hartford Whalers (and not the minor league replacement team the town has nowdays) as their favorite team, they wear the team jerseys on special occasions, celebrates certain events in the team history and are actually working for a possibility to restart the Hartford Whalers and have them back in the NHL in the coming future.

I guess that some of us Kes fans are pretty like them in some way.
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