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Re: Deck Plans VI: The Undiscovered Bowling Alley

Humbugsley wrote: View Post
Funny your thread title should mention a bowling alley.

Given the way starships' crews tend to get tossed around from time to time, I would think if the ship did have a "rec deck" of any kind, it would have to be holographic in nature.
Captain Robert April wrote: View Post
Funny you should mention that, since I've pretty much made up my mind that the bowling alley that Lt. Riley referred to, and has become the running gag of these threads, is one of the programs in the holographic rec room we saw in the TAS episode "The Practical Joker".
Why do you think so many people in red shirts were considered so expendable? Their only job was to clean up all of the scattered bowling pins and chess pieces after a battle...

I really DO have a squirrelly wrath, you know...
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