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Re: the Wolverine trailer

^^^ No problem.

Stone_Cold_Sisko wrote: View Post
Liev was a good choice for Sabretooth.
Definitely. He was always one of my favorites for the role of Wolverine before we knew Jackman had it, so I guess him playing Sabretooth is the next best thing.

Did you guys see the Comic-Con trailer? It has a lot of the same footage as this trailer, but there's a fair amount of new footage as well.

Love the firing squad scene at the beginning. "It tickled."

Gloria 25th wrote: View Post
I just watched it and I wish I hadn't. It feels rather spoiler-y.
Fortunately, the release is months away. I may forget. I don't like to know too much about a movie beforehand, beyond what makes me want to see it. In Wolverine's case, knowing the character and its interpreter is enough incentive for me.

But in my book, a trailer's job is to make you want to see the movie by showing you the least possible from it and exciting your curiosity.
No, you're right, I just think in this case they figure that a fairly large chunk of their audience is going to know at least the broad strokes of Wolverine's origin story, so they want to touch on that to let people know that, yes, we will be showing you the things you would expect and more.
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