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From a "Parallels" universe...Ensign Mendral

Sorry for putting this in another thread, but I thought it belonged in the Trek Art forum as well.

This is Ensign Hirhul Mendral, helmsman of the Enterprise-D in one of the parallel universes seen in the episode "Parallels." The only shot I have of the actual guy is very blurry (see here), so I had to take a lot of liberties with the drawing.

As to the clothing...well, it'll make sense if you read "Captives' Ransom" over at the Fanfic forum.

It's not perfect, but I really enjoyed drawing his clothes, because that's an area where I'm really needing to make improvements. I actually had to stand in front of the mirror wearing a scarf...and let me tell you, trying to get the blame thing to actually fall right for the purposes of this drawing wasn't easy. The coat, BTW, is actually one that I own.
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