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Re: the Wolverine trailer

I just watched it and I wish I hadn't. It feels rather spoiler-y.
Fortunately, the release is months away. I may forget. I don't like to know too much about a movie beforehand, beyond what makes me want to see it. In Wolverine's case, knowing the character and its interpreter is enough incentive for me.

Thanks for sharing the link, though.

About Liev Schreiber: too familiar face. Can't imagine him as a furry mutant. Or perhaps with more fur, as was suggested, so he'd look less like himself. The role suits him, but still.

If I understand it right, that trailer hype (with any trailer from an eagerly expected movie) comes from the spoilery aspects. Feel free to educate me otherwise.
But in my book, a trailer's job is to make you want to see the movie by showing you the least possible from it and exciting your curiosity.
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