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Re: Alien Nation fans?

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But can a producer assume that the audience member has seen the previous series and/or movies. Perhaps Trek is a special case.
^^Yes, that's exactly my point. For the original Alien Nation movie, there was nothing previous. So any Trek analogy is totally inapplicable. The movie was, at the time, completely standalone. For all its makers knew, it was the one and only chance they'd ever have to tell a story set in that world. And they did nothing to explore the potential of that world once they set it up. They created a fascinating, imaginative setup, and then they just told a routine, by-the-numbers buddy-cop movie. And that was a waste.

Kenneth Johnson has said as much. When he was brought in to do the series, he looked at the movie, and when he saw the one passing glimpse of George saying goodbye to his family in the background, he thought, "I want to see that movie instead." Because that was where the interesting story was, but the movie went for cliche instead. Many critics made the same observation.
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