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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls - (SPOILERS)

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Of course, that had me curious about the Ferengi that the Borg renamed Vastator in Vendetta. I don't know if I can trust online translators, but "Vastator" apparently means "Destroyer."
What "Vastator" means is wholly irrelevant to its use in Vendetta. "Vastator" was the nom du plume of someone who paid for an ad in Comics Buyer's Guide looking for dirt on Gary Groth, Fantagraphics, and The Comics Journal. This was in 1990, in the midst of one of the many billions of wars between Gary Groth and Harlan Ellison, and Groth believed that Ellison was Vastator. Peter was caught in the midst of that particular war, probably because he had the misfortune to be a) a mainstream comics writer of a type that Groth has never respected and b) a close friend of Harlan's.

(God, that brings back memories. In the early 90s, I actually wrote for the Journal -- a very short-lived tenure, that, in part because Groth screwed me more than once.......)
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